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No-Break  UPS

HYDRA series no-break ups have unique features that offer unique power availability to the load.  

They use continuously two power sources to support the load. The inverter and the power grid. Both sources are continuously  synchronized to support the load. The inverter monitors and corrects the power grid when needed, up to well defined and pre-programmed limits.  When the power grid is out of the programmed limits, it is rejected. Therefore the load is supported by the inverter only for short periods of time, or during power grid outages.

The charging of the internal batteries is done actively by a three stage charger. 

The inverter follows the frequency of the external AC power up to programmable limits before rejecting it, using a digital phased lock loop. In case of unstable grids or diesel generators, the user may widen the acceptable limits accordingly. 

HYDRA ups  deliver clean AC power to sensitive loads, like computers, scientific instruments, communication equipment.

They are designed to provide all the necessary functions and utilities which offer a fully automated user friendly and care free operation.


  • Micro-processor based design with alphanumeric led display for full monitoring and control of the Hydra ups.
  • Automated and synchronized switch over between the grid and the inverter by continuous analysis of the AC voltage quality and frequency.
  • Monitoring of the actual battery voltage and of the actual expected autonomy duration in minutes.
  • Monitoring and display of the actual load in % of the nominal value.
  • High efficiency, high power inverter delivers true RMS stabilized, full sinewave AC power.
  • Monitoring of the inverter true RMS AC output voltage, of the percentage of the load, of the battery voltage, of the power module and of the power transformer temperatures.
  • Visual and selectable audible early warning alarms signaling undesirable trends or situations.
  • Error situation signaling and intelligent automated timed retrials, automatically adapted to any specific situation.
  • Unlimited autonomy on demand for all models.
  • Standard backup time for nominal load minimum 15 minutes
  • Two years limited guarantee

 Technical specifications:
        Sine wave output.
    Power Switch:
        Phase synchronized fast switch-over.
        Intelligent switch-over through continuous quality monitoring of the grid power.
        Suitable also for power generator connection.
    Battery monitor and generator control:
        Continuous battery voltage monitor to start generator on low battery voltage.
        Free low battery remote warning contact.
        Display of the RMS and peak generator voltage, as well as the generator frequency.
        Display of the actual expected autonomy.
    Warning processor:
        Early warning messages on display for high load, high internal temperature, low battery voltage.
        Audible buzzer with selectable features.
        Error handler: Error messages on display for overload, overtemperature, undervoltage.
        Interface: Standard RS 232 serial interface to monitor and control remotely the Hydra ups.
    Display manager:
        Front panel led display to monitor via cyclic operation
        through a press button of all the above operating parameters.
        Actual RMS load as a percentage % of the nominal power,
        allows an efficient loading of the Hydra inverter



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