Forsys series 

 Battery Chargers 

Single Phase Thyristor controlled



Three Phase  Thyristor controlled    3 pulses - 6 pulses - 12 pulses 


Synchronous Rectification Chargers

Input Cos φ = 0.99








Lead Acid Battery Chargers

Three and single Phase Thyristor Controlled

  • Micro-controller driven automated  3 stage charger according to IUoU DIN41772 specifications. 

  • Adjustable max charging current to suit the battery capacity and condition. 

  • Temperature compensated "full battery" voltage threshold assures optimal four seasons operation. 

  • Monitoring of the charging state, of the Ah sent to the batteries, of the actual battery voltage and temperature.


Synchronous rectification Chargers

They consist of two quadrant inverters, actively rectifying the ac power to charge the batteries. The inverter is phase locked to the ac power and actively regulates the desired current and charging stage. 

The power factor remains always in the vicinity of 0.99, even while charging from harmonic reach sources, such as diesel generators.


Common Features:

  • micro-controller driven three stage chargers according to IUoU DIN41772 specifications

  • Full digital display for all the parameters

  • Equalization manually selectable program, to programmable voltage thresholds and duration

  • Programmable voltage, current and time parameters in non volatile memory

  • Isolated  output

  • Extremely low EMI - full EMC compliance

  • High efficiency

  • Input overvoltage protection

  • Filtered input

  • Soft start

  • Visual and selectable audible early warning alarms signaling undesirable trends or situations.

  • Error situation signaling and intelligent automated timed retrials, automatically adapted to any specific situation.
  • Two years limited guarantee

          Electrical characteristics:

  • Input Voltage and frequency :  Any value on command

  • Output Voltage and Current  :  Any value on command

  • Efficiency:     > 70 % at nominal current for the Thyristor type.  

  •                      > 90 % at nominal current for the Inverter type

  • Protection:     Electronic fuse, overvoltage protection.

  • Fuses:            Thermal fuses both at the input and output side.  

  • Temperature:  Working from 0 to 50o Celsius

  • Isolation:         >1,5 KV between primary and secondary circuits



Battery Chargers