Femi series 

 Harmonic Filters 

Single Phase systems




Three Phase systems





          Passive Low Pass Filters


Single or common mode low pass filters to protect sensitive devices from public power voltage spikes, transients, harmonics.

Suitable and highly recommended for communication equipment, medical diagnostic systems, analyzers and other sensitive devices and instruments.

Harmonic current suppressors with combined cos φ  improvement.



  •    Extremely low EMI - full EMC compliance

  •    High efficiency

  •    Input overvoltage protection

          Electrical characteristics:

  •    Input :            Any custom voltage on command

  •    Output :          Any custom voltage and power on command

  •    Efficiency:     > 95 % at nominal current.

  •    Fuses:            Thermal fuses both at the input and output side.

  •    Temperature:  Working from 0 to 50 0 Celsius



Harmonic Filters