Hydra series 

DC/AC  Power Inverters     

Power Station: 


Full sinewave output, including:

Transfer Switch,
Generator Starter,
Charge Controller


Stand- alone:

DC-AC inverter


Grid Connected:

Software selectable functions for:

Selling only,
Selling and Buying,
UPS operation,
Paralleling many Hydra inverters



Power Station    Inverter - Charger

Hydra Power Station is a fully independent power source. It includes an inverter-charger, an automatic load transfer switch, a stand-by generator starter, a charge control device for solar or wind generator, a fully detailed display, and very intelligent and flexible software.

The software maximizes the energy delivered by the renewable sources, while keeping the batteries in a healthy level.

The system with the default programmed values is ready to install and function. However by programming new working parameters in its non volatile memory it can adapt to custom installations and various working environments.

It is usually offered in full sinewave output waveform, but on command saturated or modified sinewave output waveforms are also available. 


Stand-alone Inverters

Hydra stand-alone Inverters deliver clean AC power from 12V, 24V or 48V dc sources. Other dc voltage sources, up to 480 Volt are also available on request.

They are available in modified sinewave waveform, in <3% THD pure sinewave, or in saturated sinewave waveform, with a THD ranging from <3% for low and medium loads, going up to  10 % for the nominal load.

They are designed to provide all the necessary functions and utilities which offer a fully automated user friendly and care free operation.


Grid Connected Inverters

Hydra grid connected Inverters are sinewave only power sources. They follow the grid voltage and frequency in programmable and wide variations, being therefore able to cope even with less stable generators or grids.

They are software programmable to operate in four different modes :

Selling only energy: used to sell energy to the grid from renewable sources, with a maximum power point transfer function included.

Selling and Buying: as above, but with a synchronous charger function included to charge the system batteries. In both modes cos φ is about 0.99 . The software optimizes the selling function, to maximize the overall system efficiency.

Selling and Buying with UPS operation: as above, but with a protected output to support a critical load by both sources. Even while in buying mode, the load is fully supported in case of grid loss.

Paralleling in slave mode: paralleling is possible simply by modifying a single threshold value in each unit. Each unit undertakes load sequentially in order to minimize the system idle losses.


Common Features (where applicable):

  • Micro-processor based design with alphanumeric led display for full monitoring and control of the Hydra power box.
  • Independent and automated built-in 3 stage charger according to IUoU DIN41772 specifications, keeps batteries charged and healthy. Adjustable max charging current to suit every battery capacity. Temperature compensated full battery voltage threshold assures optimal four seasons operation. Monitoring of the charging state, of the Ah sent to or drawn from the batteries, of the actual battery voltage and temperature, of the expected autonomy duration in hours.
  • Free contact to start power generator on low battery voltage combined with the internal clock, with generator voltage monitor and automated preprogrammed retries.
  • Automated and synchronized power relay to switch over the load between the generator and the inverter by continuous analysis of the incoming AC voltage quality and frequency.
  • Built in solar or wind generator charge controller.
  • High efficiency, high power inverter delivers true RMS stabilized, modified sinewave or pure sinewave, or saturated sinewave AC power to practically any load.
  • Extremely low idle current ensures high total efficiency even at low loads. Scanning mode with adjustable starting load consumes negligible current and automates the function of the inverter.
  • Monitoring of the inverter true RMS AC output voltage, of the percentage of the load, of the battery voltage, of the Ah consumed, of the power module and of the power transformer temperatures.
  • Visual and selectable audible early warning alarms signaling undesirable trends or situations.
  • Error situation signaling and intelligent automated timed retrials, automatically adapted to any specific situation.
  • Two years limited guarantee

 Technical specifications:

  • Charger  UIoU 3 stage according to DIN41772.
  • Adjustable max current set.
  • Temperature compensated battery voltage threshold -4mV/0C
  • Modified, saturated or pure sine wave output.
  • Full bridge operation suitable for complete energy recovery and problem free operation of reactive loads.
  • Adjustable starting load - Auto delayed stop.
  • Less than 10W self consumption when working (Typical value up to 3000 VA).
  • Power Switch: Phase synchronized fast switch-over.
  • Intelligent switch-over through continuous quality monitoring of the generator power.
  • Continuous battery voltage monitor to start generator on low battery voltage.
  • Low battery remote warning with free relay contacts.
  • Display of the RMS and peak generator voltage, and frequency.
  • Continuous measurement of the Ah given to and taken from battery.
  • Display of the actual expected autonomy.
  • Early warning messages on display for high load, high internal temperature, low battery voltage.
  • Audible buzzer with selectable features.
  • Error messages on display for overload, overtemperature, undervoltage.
  • RS 232 serial interface to monitor and control remotely the Hydra power box. (Option)
  • Two auxiliary no - nc contacts. One to start an external generator, and the other user programmable.
  • Front panel led display to monitor via cyclic operation through a press button of all the operating parameters.
  • Actual RMS load as a percentage % of the nominal power, allows an efficient loading of the Hydra inverter
DC/AC  Power Inverters